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We at CODA believe in using our cyber security research skills to help and protect people all over the world. It may not be through open heart surgery or by rescuing people from cliff tops, but we’re fortunate in that we've developed a set of skills that means we can give back.

We do this by conducting cyber security research to defend against the stuff that ruins lives. Whether it’s preventing hackers from robbing cryptocurrency exchanges, protecting train signalling flows or by ensuring emergency service networks are sufficiently protected. Our researchers have done it all.

We're all about challenging targets and intricate work, and we want to help you get better at integrating security into your business — this is the “shift left” that the industry is heavily promoting. We want to help protect your customers and your reputation whilst saving money in the long run.

No challenge is too difficult, no system too complicated, and I guarantee that our researchers won't shy away from a hard problem. Let us help you get better at doing cyber security by protecting you, your users, and your business.

All of our researchers love technology and have a massive passion for solving hard problems — so if you need help or have a question, please contact us [email protected].