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One of the most complex and confusing technologies around are the systems that make up the telecommunications industry. They are huge, expensive and incredibly powerful, but ultimately they make up the Internet itself.

At CODA, we have an interest in all telecommunications technology, particularly enterprise, 5G and fixed-line networks. Most of our researchers have spent time working with the UK government to protect Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) from terrorists and hostile nations.

It's here that we developed our skills in finding, exploiting and defending against some of the most sophisticated attacks the world has ever seen.

Everyone wants to integrate telecommunication technologies like 5G into their business safely. We are fortunate in that we are one of a handful of companies with real-world experience doing it at scale. So let CODA help you and your business stay secure.


The most ubiquitous telecommunication technologies are those that make up the cellular networks. Whether it's securing base stations, a virtualised network core or even the integrated voice systems, CODA has the expertise. We have experience with 2G, 3G, 4G and even 5G technologies.


The fifth-generation โ€” 5G โ€” revolution is big. Gone are the complexities of old circuit-switched networks and in are terms such as beamforming, beamsteering and dual connectivity.

We can help by exploiting and protecting these networks to defend your business. It's not just about attacking the system โ€” we also understand the threat landscape and can provide advice built up from real-world experience.


Fundamentally the networks that comprise the Internet itself are looking more like enterprise environments with each subsequent generation. One such example is the RESTful interface that makes up the 5G core. It's knowledge like this that puts CODA in a unique position to use our experience defending against nation-state attacks and apply it to your business.

You may not need to invest as much on security as an entire country, but experience does count for something. CODA works within your business specifications to provide your business with unique and elegant solutions to your telecommunications security needs.


One regularly overlook area of secure communication is fixed-line access systems. There's a lot of talk around the latest 5G technologies, but ultimately it's optical, and copper networks that route the traffic.

CODA researchers have experience in securing and exploiting lesser-known protocols such as OMCI, GPON and VDSL. If you're a service provider or a business that relies heavily upon protecting your fixed-line solutions, we can help.

How we can help

  • Maintain security within 5G
  • Penetration testing of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G infrastructure
  • Secure enterprise VoIP solutions, network switches and internet routers
  • Review source code for malicious intent
  • Discover bugs accessible from wireless interfaces
  • Analyse on third-party binaries
  • Review API endpoints for bugs
  • Integrate and perform due diligence checks of telecommunications systems
  • Security testing of fixed-line VDSL, GPON and OMCI based networks