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We often think of applications as a single piece of software or an individual system. But, thinking in this fashion tends to introduce security bugs during software development cycles, particularly at the integration stage.

Source code review

Modern-day engineering practices must adopt a high-level approach to prevent complex logical errors making it into production code. CODA specialises in secure software development from utilising static analysis tools, right through to modern-day fuzzing frameworks.

We want to help you reduce bugs by enabling the automatic detection of simple mistakes, leaving your developers to concentrate on complex problems. CODA can also perform manual source code reviews and training to help you develop your security skills.

Ultimately our aim to enable your organisation to produce higher-quality bug-free code at a lower cost.

Binary analysis

We also don't need explicit access to the source code to help โ€” we always advise a white box approach because it reduces costs and helps to provide better assurance. But sometimes you're forced to use compiled third-parties, which are of equal or bigger targets to malicious actors.

We perform due diligence testing against anything from embedded firmware to web applications, enterprise software to bespoke instruction sets. If you want to protect yourself from unknown source code or want assurance that what you have is performing correctly โ€” we are well placed to help you figure it out.

All developers and engineers want to create quality products โ€” let us help.

Intellectual property

One of the biggest cybersecurity threats to businesses is intellectual property theft. It doesn't matter how large your organisation is, how important you consider your industry or even how much revenue you make. Your business has value, and that value is worth stealing.

Managing these threats is usually performed by a program of defence-in-depth. Securing your offices, keeping your people safe and locking down your infrastructure are all critical. But it's not always a direct attack that can cause the most amount of damage to your brand.

There is always a risk that a malicious attacker can legitimately purchase your products to reverse engineer, bypass licence checking or reproduce at the expense to your business and its brand. Ultimately a determined attacker will always be able to bypass any protection provided enough time and money, but that doesn't mean it should be easy.

CODA researchers have many years of experience in both developing and bypassing intellectual property checks. We can help your business by ensuring your products take a substantial amount of time and effort to reverse engineer.

How we can help

  • Perform in-depth source code analysis
  • Test intellectual property protections embedded within your software
  • Evaluate system build processes
  • Perform due diligence on external third-party code ranging from firmware to system libraries
  • Assess underlying operating systems
  • Integrate automated security testing within software development cycles
  • Discover and help fix critical vulnerabilities